Ormerod (Duet)

Duet firmware for RepRapPro Ormerod can be found here.

Mendel (Melzi)

Melzi firmware for RepRapPro Mono Mendel can be found here.

Tricolour Mendel (Melzi, Master & Slave)

Melzi firmware for RepRapPro Tricolour Mendel can be found here.

Huxley (Melzi)

Melzi firmware for RepRapPro Huxley can be found here.

Machine control software

3D model processing

RepRapPro 3D printers understand GCode files. In order to produce such a file from a 3D model, one must use slicing software. RepRapPro recommends the RepRap community software Slic3r. Print settings are provided for all RepRapPro machines for use with Slic3r. These profiles can be found here for Huxley and Mendel, and here for Ormerod.

Machine control

For direct control via USB, RepRapPro recommends Pronterface, and machine specific versions are available as follows:

For Huxley and Mendel on Windows please see RepRapPro-Printrun-Slic3r, and for Mac RepRapPro-Pronterface-Mac

For Ormerod on Windows see Pronterface-Ormerod-Win7.

3D Models

Nearly all 3d modelling software will output files suitable for use with RepRapPro 3D printers, which must be in either the AMF or STL format. There are a couple of ways to obtain 3D models for printing on your RepRapPro machine. The first method is to browse one of the many online 3D model libraries, then download the files of your choice for printing on your machine.





The second method of obtaining suitable 3D models, is to create them using 3D CAD software.


Online basic 3D modelling tool with a large user base.


Professional grade, online 3D modelling package.


       Voxel based 3D modelling tool


Script based 3D modelling package.


Link for Sketchup


Link for Blender