What is a RepRap 3D Printer?

RepRap is humanity’s first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine. RepRap takes the form of a free desktop 3D printer capable of printing plastic objects. Since many parts of RepRap are made from plastic and RepRap prints those parts, RepRap self-replicates by making a kit of itself – a kit that anyone can assemble given time and materials. It also means that – if you’ve got a RepRap – you can print lots of useful stuff, and you can print another RepRap for a friend… See here for further details.

Who are RepRapPro Ltd?

We are a small company based in the UK – A collaboration between RepRap Limited and eMAKER Limited. RepRapPro is dedicated to open-source 3D printing, and all our products are – and always will be – open-source. Further details about us are here. Want to get in touch? See here for our contact details.

What is the RepRap Project?

Reprap.org is a community project which was started in 2004. Its main goal – making self-replicating machines, and making them freely available for the benefit of everyone

Deciding which RepRap to buy

Which kit should I build?

We have four kits available – Ormerod, Mendel, Huxley and Fisher.

Fisher Delta Kit – This is our latest kit, released in May 2015. It is quick and easy to put together. It is also our lowest cost kit. For further details see here.

Ormerod was released in December 2013. This kit is quicker and easier to build. It also has more powerful electronics – The Duet PCB.

Huxley – We have recently updated our Huxley design with improvements such as Duet electronics and a Z probe for automated bed plane compensation. For further details see here.

Mendel – We recently updated our Mendel design with improvements such as Duet electronics and a Z probe for automated bed plane compensation. For further details see here.

The main difference between the Mendel and the Huxley is the overall size and the build volume. Other than that the kits are very similar.   Mendel is available in a tri-colour version that can print in three colours or three different materials.  You can upgrade a single colour (mono) Mendel to a Tricolour.

These kits now have the ability to be upgraded to a dual head machine using the Quick-set nozzle assembly and the Duet Shield. The Dual upgrade kits are available here.

Is there a pre-built kit available?

We have a limited number of Assembled Fisher Delta 1.0 available in time for delivery before Christmas

What skills are required to build a kit?

To build a kit you will need some mechanical, computing, and electronic skills. To get more of an idea of what is involved when building our kits see the build instructions for each kit under Documentation.

Can I get a sample print?

Yes, we can send you a sample print for the cost of the packaging and postage. Our sample gears are available here.

Ordering and Dispatch

I don’t live in the UK, can I order a kit from you?

Yes. We ship worldwide.

We can only ship to business addresses in certain areas in Russia. The Russian exception is something imposed on us by the shipping company. If you live in Russia and would like to purchase a kit please contact us to check your address.

How long will it take to dispatch?

Our lead times are reviewed regularly (last updated 7 Dec 2015) and kept up-to-date. There are a number of factors affecting the lead times including number of orders we are processing, supplier deliveries and packing time.

Kit Orders for Fisher 1.0, Mendel 3, Ormerod 2, Huxley Duo, Dual Colour Upgrades, Paste Extruder Kits: All orders received by 16th Dec – we are aiming to ship for delivery in time for Christmas.

Components and Spares Orders – We aim to ship all spares orders within 3 business days.

Assembled Fisher Delta 1.0 will be shipped before Christmas.

Once dispatched how long will it take to deliver?

We ship all our kits using UPS couriers. Once the kit has been shipped, UPS will normally take 1 business day to deliver to UK addresses. For all other addresses it normally takes 2-5 days.

We use Royal Mail for sending out the Spares orders.

For UK customers you can select either Royal Mail Standard or Signed-For service. Both are normally delivered within 1-2 days.

For international customers you can select either Airmail or Tracked. Airmail is a standard low cost service with no tracking. If the tracked service is selected we will provide a tracking reference, which can then be used to find out details of where the shipment is. Once the order has reached the destination country, the local post service will be used to deliver your order. Delivery time can vary depending on the destination country. It can take up to two weeks and sometimes longer for items to be delivered. Sometimes the tracking reference is not updated by the local postal service.

Do I get a discount when ordering multiple kits?

We offer multi-purchase discounts on many products listed on the webshop. The discounts are shown on the product page.

Can I collect my kit from you?

Yes. If you live near Bristol, UK or you will be in the area on the date when your kit will be ready we can arrange for you to collect your kit from one of our production units. Please select “I will arrange collection” on the Checkout page.

What are the shipping costs for the kits?

The courier shipping charges are as follows:

UK – £12

EU – £32

North America – £43 (Huxley) £55 (Fisher/Ormerod/Mendel)

Rest of the World – £55 (Huxley) £61 (Fisher/Ormerod/Mendel)

Will there be any additional costs?

UK and EU prices include Value-Added Tax (VAT) at 20%. You will have no customs or import tax to pay if you are in the EU.
VAT is not payable by us or by you on sales outside the EU, but if you live outside the EU your country may charge you customs or import tax in addition to our prices. The customs HTS number for RepRap machines and parts is 84779025.

What do the different order statuses mean?

Pending – order currently pending awaiting payment.

On Hold – order has been placed on hold, either awaiting payment or waiting on further details.

Processing Printed – the packing team have received the order and will be getting the order ready for dispatch.

Label Printed – the shipping details have been forwarded to the courier and we have received the paperwork to attach to the order. We will still be getting the order ready for dispatch.

Royal Mail Bagged – the spares order has been processed and is awaiting dispatch.

Completed – the order has been dispatched and is on its way to you.

Building my kit

Where do I find the build instructions?

The build instructions for the Ormerod kit are here.

The build instructions for the Mendel kit are here.

The build instructions for the Huxley kit are here.

The build instructions for the Fisher Delta kit are here.

How long will it take to build?

Fisher and Ormerod – For a first time builder it is likely to take about 6 hours to put together the kit. For more experienced builders it can take less time than this. The RepRap will then need to be commissioned and calibrated.

For Mendel and Huxley kits – we have had feedback from customers who have built their kit in 17 hours and then we have also heard from customers who have taken a year…..

We would recommend a fortnight of evenings to get the kit all together and printing. It is better to take your time with thinking gaps in between rather than blast through the build.

What tools will I need?

There is a list of useful tools for the build of each printer on the first page of the documentation.

Where do I download the software?

Details on downloading the software can be found on the commissioning page of the build instructions. There is a list here.

What operating systems are supported?

Linux, Windows or Mac. Further details are on the commissioning page of the build instructions.

Where can I get technical help with my build?

RepRapPro channel irc – chat with our support team (during UK office hours) and other RepRapPro users.

RepRap Forum – General





Our Forum. This is shared with the eMaker and RepRapPro Huxley forum, as the machines are so similar.

Contact Us Or you can always email us a question.

Where can I download the STL files to print another RepRap?

All the design files and software are available from the RepRapPro Ltd Github repository.

Using My RepRap

What materials can I print with?

Our printers are designed to print thermoplastic. Both PLA and ABS work well.

What size filament is used?

Our extruders are designed to work with 1.75mm filament.

Do you supply filament?

We supply a sample reel of PLA with each kit. This is enough filament to print another set of parts. We also have filament reels available from our webshop here. For other filament suppliers see here.

What is the build volume?

Ormerod has a build volume of 200x200x190mm
Mendel has a build volume of 200x200x155mm
Huxley has a build volume of 140x140x95mm

Fisher has a build volume of 150mm diameter x 150mm height

What is the smallest layer height I can print with?

As you reduce layer height, the vertical surfaces of a part become smoother and quality increases. But parts take slightly longer to print. Print time is not proportional to layer height because it is possible to print fine-layered outlines and only to generate infill (which takes most of the time to print) every two or three layers. But for fast prints we recommend layer heights between 0.2 and 0.3mm, maybe increasing to as much as 0.5mm for larger nozzles. For the best quality fine prints use a layer height between 0.1mm and 0.2mm. You can print finer than 0.1mm layers, and – if you do – near-vertical surfaces will be very good indeed. But you may find that the quality of horizontal surfaces sufferers a bit because at very fine layer heights the rate of material deposition is so low that even the slightest horizontal gap is hard to bridge smoothly.

What is the accuracy of your printers?

Accuracy: 0.1mm
Resolution: 0.0125mm
The resolution is how fine a step the motors can make. The accuracy is how accurately the machine can position things. So the resolution is finer than the accuracy because the accuracy is influenced by other factors, for example how well the timing belt is manufactured.

Plastics: PLA vs ABS


Can be worked at lower temperatures
Much less prone to warping
Welds to itself very strongly
Environmentally friendly
No unpleasant fumes


Lower cost
Produces higher-quality prints

Can I order spares?

Yes, we have spares available in our webshop under Components and Parts Kits.

Where can I find out about the latest developments?

Sign up to our newsletter and get updates straight to your inbox. We also post our developments in our Blog. Updates to the designs are available from Github. You can also check out the general RepRap Blog.