Becoming a distributor

This document sets out the terms and conditions for companies, organisations and individuals purchasing wholesale from RepRapPro Ltd, UK company number 7806733.


When purchasing five or more RepRap kits (either complete kits or hardware kits) from RepRapPro Ltd a discount will be available. We can accept payment in Euros, US Dollars or GB Pounds. Please contact us to discuss the discounts we offer. Discounts are also available on the purchases of components. These will be the same as the discounts applied to kits, except that order quantities must exceed five for each product line to qualify. Resellers may charge any price they see fit when selling RepRapPro Ltd’s products.

Drop shipping

RepRapPro Ltd offer a drop shipping service on our kits. The drop shipping client will be provided with an account on our webshop, and the agreed discount will be automatically applied to each order. RepRapPro Ltd will aim to ship these orders within our current lead time. Please contact us to discuss the discounts we offer and to setup a drop shipper account.

Shipping wholesale orders

RepRapPro Ltd will aim to ship wholesale orders of twenty or less within the current lead time stated in the FAQs on For larger orders RepRapPro Ltd will calculate the lead time and set up a shipping schedule in collaboration with the wholesale purchaser.


All RepRapPro Ltd’s products are open-source. This means that anyone can make the company’s designs and sell the results. These products may not be described as RepRapPro products and the company’s name may not be associated with such products. Purchasers who buy RepRapPro Ltd hardware kits and add in their own printed parts are governed by the rules on the page describing that scheme.

The use of images and the trademarked brand names “RepRapPro” and “RepRap Professional”

The purchaser can use the product’s name and label the product as coming from RepRapPro Ltd when advertising RepRapPro products to customers as long as the product is sold unaltered. RepRapPro Ltd’s images of the product may be used to sell such products. If the purchaser assembles RepRapPro kits for sale the product details must state that the kit was assembled by the purchaser (company name). Any changes made to the standard kits or other products supplied by RepRapPro Ltd including additions, modifications or subtractions must be clearly stated in any publicity and advertising.

Use of RepRapPro as a Company name

The use of RepRapPro or RepRap Professional as a company name or part of a company name by wholesalers and others is not allowed. However we are prepared to negotiate the setting up of franchised subsidiaries where the use of the RepRapPro name and brand are allowed. Contact us for details at .


For purchasers within the EU, VAT will be included in the prices charged unless a valid EU business VAT number is provided by the purchaser. VAT is not payable by us or by you on sales outside the EU, but if you work outside the EU your country may charge you customs or import tax in addition to our prices. The HTS number for RepRap machines and parts is 84779025.

Contact and questions

If you have any questions about this document and our prices, or if you want to contact us, please e-mail .